Wednesday, 31 August 2016

New Year/New Hobby Project - Closing Thoughts & What's Next

And just like that 7 months of frantic buying, building, painting and gaming within the 40k/30k universes has come and gone... As the dust settles a Champion has been crowned, gamers stare at their beautifully crafted armies (some of which it is their first fully painted one) and thoughts drift to projects anew!

This event was an awesome success, drawing in over 40 people who all got involved in the awesome group discussions and chats over on the Facebook Page. A Massive thanks needs to be given to "Super"Edd Barfield for planning & executing such a great event and for enthusing so many of us to take part!

Here is the final standings:

Next up members of the Facebook Group have been offered a chance to build an Age of Sigmar army, building it up in 500pts increments each month until you have a beautifully painted 2000pts army. 

This event is being planned and ran by Matt Pendleton and already looks to be popular...the first meet is October the 9th where players will need a fully painted 500pts force from one of the Grand Alliances.


Element Games - Wargaming Webstore

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

GW Burton Painting Competition - May 2016

Hi guys and gals in typical Scorpius GLC fashion I am a couple of weeks late getting this posted, so sit back and have a look at the entries for Games Workshop Burton's First Monthly Painting Competition!
Ok Games Workshop Burton and the wider gaming community that use it as a hub are close to my heart having worked and managed the store from 2004-2008. Working that close with the community is an awesome experience and you get to meet some brilliant established artists as well as nurturing the next generation known to the masses as the Young Bloods! 

Painting Competitions are fantastic things to enter and I honestly feel everyone should enter them and these are the reasons:
  • It is your chance to display and be proud of the hobby that you enjoy no matter what level you feel you are personally (you are your own worst critique)!
  • You help to build a picture of what the hobby is all about in your local community!
  • By having conversations with other painters at the event you will gleam advice, tips and tricks that you may never have thought of before and this in turn will progress your skills ready for the next event!

James, the current Store Manager is really trying to highlight the skill within the local community and has planned an ongoing Monthly Painting Competition within the store. This is a fantastic way to help you to build armies or even just paint models you wouldn't normally think of. The following Categories have a randomly selected keyword for that month:
  • Age of Sigmar
  • Warhammer 40,000
The following always have the "OPEN CHOICE" Keywords:
  • Middle Earth
  • Young Bloods
The following use the keywords for the above categories:
  • Best Conversion
  • Forge World

1st Place
2nd Place
3rd Place
Best Conversion in Show


1st Place
2nd Place

Burton Broadsword Award Winner


1st Place
2nd Place
3rd Place
If you are local to Burton on Trent, look out for the next competition on Saturday 2nd July. Entries must be in by 11am. The Category Keywords are:

WARHAMMER 40K: Vehicle/Transport
YOUNG BLOODS (Under 16's): Open Choice

Monday, 23 May 2016

Introducing: Tabletop Consuls

Hi guys and gals, in this episode from my World of Wargaming I am going to take the time to introduce you to what I hope will be an ever growing group I am calling the Tabletop Consuls!

I am very lucky to know a large number of hobbyists, all legends in their own rights, but some of them are so epic that I have decided to highlight their specific brand of hobby goodness under the banner of Tabletop Consuls. 

WHAT IS A TABLETOP CONSUL? A Tabletop Consul is either an individual or group who take their personal hobby to another level by making Blog Posts, Vlog Episodes, Plan and Run Events, Record Battle Reports...basically they make hobby content for others within the community that is so epic that they deserve to be given recognition within my World of Wargaming!

I want the list to grow but initially I will be highlighting the work of those in my local area!

If you have been a part of the gaming scene in and around the Staffordshire/Derbyshire/Leicestershire area (specifically Burton on Trent & Loughborough) within the past 15 years then you will have no doubt heard of SuperEdd Barfield. A proud hobbyist of over 25 years, Edd has worked for Games Workshop and other gaming stores in the area and his favourite part of the hobby is planning and running successful hobby events for a myriad of your favourite systems. You will also have heard of Edd (My Brother) for he is the genius behind the New Year/New Hobby Project series of events that I and around 40 other people are taking part in currently. For more information on this bearded hobby superhero's projects and events stop by his FACEBOOK PAGE!

Geeks 40k have a YouTube channel where they do Product Reviews, Battle Reports and some UK Event coverage. The guys are a great bunch and have a Challenge the Geeks section of battle reports against members of the general public! Based close to Warhammer World the team can often be seen at Warhammer World as well as local events such as Warhammer Fest, Forge World Open Days, etc. Go Check them out on YOUTUBE, FACEBOOK & TWITTER.

Relatively new to the YouTube scene, Beards of War are bringing the fun back to the hobby with a fist full of dice and a face covered in beard! Primary Beard and master of all things ginger, Matt Pendleton has been a long serving hobbyist who has worked for Games Workshop in the past and has a true passion for the hobby! Content Contributors will be familiar faces to the astute (hint - some of them are mentioned above!) The channel intends to include battle reports with beautifully painted community armies for a myriad of systems as well as bringing a happy dose of playthroughs, Product Reviews, etc. Go drop a sub on their YOUTUBE CHANNEL NOW! - Disclaimer having a beard is not required to view this channel!

A Stalwart in the Hobby Community, Derek "OZ" Osborne has worked for community greats to bring awesome games to our shop floors and has a successful YouTube channel bringing you how to's and product reviews for tons of amazing games...this man is an absolute Legend and deserves your sub on YouTube and a place in The World of Wargaming - Tabletop Consuls list. Go check out his YouTube Channel NOW!

Saturday, 14 May 2016

Warhammer Fest 2016 Review!

Today was Warhammer Fest at the Ricoh Arena Coventry and I as well as a few of my good friends were in attendance...MY OH MY was there a lot to see!! So with out further waffle here are some pics of the glorious items on display in the halls as well as in the Forge World Seminar!

First on the Agenda was to get tickets for the afternoon Forge World Seminar then a dash to the well organised sales area which shared the hall with the PC/Console Games, Apps, etc.

I safely stashed my purchases away in the advertised "Goodie Bag" which was devoid of goodies other than an event programme...

Then we dashed upstairs to the Forge World/Seminar/Specialist Games Area where this lovely board was on display and I got my first glimpse of the Storm Bird in the flesh and in the words of George Takei...OH MY!!!

First up is the Blood Bowl stuff that is due out end '16 early '17 with an initial release of 6 base teams that are push fit. There will be upgrade packs available in Resin at a later date to allow you to make them as a different team and even talks of all resin versions as collectors sets. After the initial 6 releases then there are many more planned. The core game rules will remain the same with a few tweaks such as a stabby/pokey skill for those skaven armed with daggers. This is not set in the Old Warhammer World and is not set in the Age of Sigmar setting but is its own stand alone fantasy sports game! The concepts look superb as does the double sided pitch they previewed...there may even be future boards for your specific team!

Next up was some of the pieces on show in the ever popular Forge World Seminar, they spent a lot of time talking about the next Forge World Imperial Armour book (which will see the Tau -vs- an entire staging ground of Mechanicus/Mechanicum [yes 30k battle automata as well as 40k] and the Red Scorpions in the last few decades of the 41st Millennium! They previewed a couple of supremacy suit variants such as a massive rail gun variant and one for laying down HEAVY, HEAVY ARTILLERY! They revealed that Culn is now encased within an absolutely stunning looking Leviathan Dreadnought (see below)!! They talked at length about the next Horus Heresy book (Prospero Burns) and revealed some of the cool new 30k bits for the collections including the glorious Leman Russ and the new Red Book (Legion Astartes: Age of Darkness Army List) set to be on sale at the Forge World Open Day in July...

It would appear that Forge World are getting ready to launch some epic 30k battles in the form of Adeptus Titanicus The Horus Heresy!

Last up from the big reveals from the day was some lovely new rivertown plastic scenery kits that will be coming soon...

It must be said that one of the big things on the day was the showcase of Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower which is absolutely stunning!! Pre-order yours through Element Games today for £75.99 using THIS LINK and enter the code DAV191 at checkout for Double Element Crystals (Cash Back/Store Credit)!!